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Acylic emulsion
【Name】Acylic emulsion

I. Performance & Use
Acrylic emulsion developed by our company has stable quality and reliable performance.

II. Technical Index

Item Appearance PH Value Solid Content, % Viscosity Pa s Specific Gravity ResistivityΩ·cm
TC-1 TC-2 TC-3
Index Milky white liquid with blue phase 7.5-8.5 44.0-46.0 ≤150×10-3 1.04-1.08 ≥250 ≥280 ≥400

III. Packing, Identification, Storage & Transportation
1. Packed with wide-mouth plastic drum, net weight 50kg per drum.
2. All finished products are attached with certificate of quality, and mark the weight, batch No. date of manufacture and storage period.
3. Avoid pressing, keep upright, away from heat source.
4. Keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated place at 5-35oC, the shelf life is half a year.

IV. Market R&D and prospect
As the introduction of world environmental protection organization policy, our independently developed phosphate solution has obtained relevant achievement, which has laid solid foundation for the development of the enterprise.