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Soluble sodium silicate
【Name】Soluble sodium silicate

I. Product Description
Powdery soluble sodium silicate developed by our company is white powdery substance with favorable stability and cold resistance.
Molecular formula: Na2O·nSiO2·nH2O
CAS: 1344-09-8

II. Use
Mainly used in refractory spraying material, refractory castables and other refractory materials. Adhesion agent for thermal insulation material and acid proof mortar; thickener for oil field drilling industry; it can also be used in coating industry, washing industry, soap industry and synthetic detergent as degreaser, filler and buffer, etc.

III. Packing
Three-in-one composite bag lined with high pressure polyethylene plastic bag, net weight 20Kg/bag, 25Kg/bag.

IV. Storage & Transportation
1. Storage and transportation
2. Keep in dry, cool and well-ventilated warehouse.
3. To protect from rain and damp; handle with care.
4. Use of once unpack or vacuum seal, to protect from damp.

V. Technical Index

Item Index


Modulus 2.00±0.10 2.30±0.10 2.85±0.10 3.00±0.10 3.30±0.10
sodium oxide(Na2O),w/% 25.0~28.0 23.0~26.0 20.0~23.0 19.0~22.0 18.0~21.0
Silicon dioxide(SiO2), w/% 48.0~54.0 51.0~58.0 55.0~64.0 55.0~64.0 56.0~65.0
Dissolution velocity, s ≤ 90 90
Bulk density , (g/mL) 0.35~0.80 0.50~0.80 0.50~0.80 0.50~0.80 0.50~0.80
Residue on sieve (150μm sieve),w /% ≤ 5 5 5 5 5
Whiteness(W) ≥ 85
Remark: 1. Dissolution Velocity: Add 1% of the powdery sodium silicate in water at 30℃, the time needed for stirring and dissolution.
        2. Our requirements on index can refer to the agreement.